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Career Building is a collection of 7 Certification pathways, comprised of over 21 hours of online course instruction leading to jobs and careers in the field of Business and Industry, along with earning shareable digital badges indicating skills gained.

Career Building

Course Pathways
This product is comprised of the following course pathways:

Learning Path: Employability - Searching for a Job (Duration: 2.9 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 3 courses

  • CAR-1001 Kicking Off Your Job Search
  • CAR-1002 Finding Jobs to Apply For
  • CAR-1003 Networking

Learning Path: Employability - Resumes and Job Applications (Duration: 2.7 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 3 courses

  • CAR-1005 Creating Your Resume
  • CAR-1004 Completing an Employment Application
  • CAR-1006 Crafting a Cover Letter

Learning Path: Employability - Interviewing (Duration: 4.5 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 5 courses

  • CAR-1007 Understanding the Interview Process
  • CAR-1008 Making a Positive Impression
  • CAR-1009 Responding to Interview Questions
  • CAR-1010 Addressing Special Interview Concerns
  • CAR-1011 After the Interview

Learning Path: Employability - Keeping the Job (Duration: 1.8 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 2 courses

  • CAR-1012 Surviving Your First Day on the Job
  • CAR-1013 Turning a Job into a Career

Learning Path: Employability - Personal Branding (Duration: 4.1 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 4 courses

  • CAR-1014 What is Personal Branding?
  • CAR-1015 Define Your Brand
  • CAR-1016 Develop Your Brand Messages
  • CAR-1017 Implement Your Brand Strategy

Learning Path: Employability - Manufacturing as a Career (Duration: 4.2 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 4 courses

  • CAR-2001 A Future Worth Exploring
  • CAR-2002 Components of Production
  • CAR-2003 Credentials and Competencies
  • CAR-2004 Career Planning and Resources

Learning Path: Employability - Identifying Your Life Goals (Duration: 0.9 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following course:

  • LIF-1001 Identifying Your Life Goals