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Advanced Manufacturing Technician is a collection of 14 Certification pathways, comprised of over 103 hours of online course instruction leading to jobs and careers in the field of Skilled Trades, along with earning shareable digital badges indicating skills gained.

Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Certification Prep
This product prepares the learner for the following certification(s):

Certification: Career Program Certification

Course Pathways
This product is comprised of the following course pathways:

Learning Path: CP-2001 - Study Skills - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 0.4 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 4 courses

  • STU-1001 Greatest Day Ever
  • STU-1002 How to Take a Course
  • STU-1003 How to Navigate the LMS
  • STU-1004 Tips for Succeeding in Online Learning

Learning Path: CP-2002 - Career Building - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 4.2 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 4 courses

  • CAR-2001 A Future Worth Exploring
  • CAR-2002 Components of Production
  • CAR-2003 Credentials and Competencies
  • CAR-2004 Career Planning and Resources

Learning Path: CP-2003 - Manufacturing - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 6.6 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 7 courses

  • MFG-1001 What is Advanced Manufacturing?
  • MFG-1002 Manufacturing History and Technology
  • MFG-1003 From Ideas to Products
  • MFG-1004 From Design to Manufacturing
  • MFG-1005 Safety, Quality and the Environment in Manufacturing
  • MFG-1006 Measuring Success in Manufacturing
  • MFG-1007 Careers in Manufacturing

Learning Path: CP-2004 - Logistics - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 6.4 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 8 courses

  • LOG-1001 What is Logistics?
  • LOG-1002 Logistics Technology
  • LOG-1003 Inventory
  • LOG-1004 Distribution and Transportation
  • LOG-1005 Safety, Quality and the Environment in Logistics
  • LOG-1006 Winning in Logistics
  • LOG-1007 Careers in Logistics
  • MFG-1008 The Game of Manufacturing and Logistics

Learning Path: CP-2005 - Mathematics - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 9.6 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 9 courses

  • MTH-1001 Introduction to Basic Math
  • MTH-1002 Arithmetic Operations
  • MTH-1004 Introduction to Fractions
  • MTH-1005 Working with Fractions
  • MTH-1006 Decimal Numbers
  • MTH-1003 Numbers and the Number Line
  • MTH-1007 Positive and Negative Numbers
  • MTH-1008 Cartesian Coordinates
  • MTH-1009 The Metric System

Learning Path: CP-2006 - Health & Safety - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 23.9 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 21 courses

  • SAF-1001 Introduction to OSHA
  • SAF-1002 Making Work a Safer Place
  • SAF-1003 Help! What to Do in an Emergency
  • SAF-1004 Personal Protective Equipment
  • SAF-1005 Eye and Face Protection
  • SAF-1006 Head Protection
  • SAF-1007 Foot and Leg Protection
  • SAF-1008 Hand and Arm Protection
  • SAF-1009 Body Protection
  • SAF-1010 Hearing Protection
  • SAF-1011 Respiratory Protection
  • SAF-1012 Hazardous Materials
  • SAF-1013 HazCom
  • SAF-1014 Hazardous Waste
  • SAF-1015 Hazard Material Storage
  • SAF-1016 Work Area Safety
  • SAF-1017 Permit-Related Safety
  • SAF-1018 Fall Prevention
  • SAF-1019 Ladder Safety
  • SAF-1020 Electrical Safety
  • SAF-1021 Lockout/Tagout

Learning Path: CP-2007 - Engineering Processes - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 1.6 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 2 courses

  • MFG-1009 The Engineering Process
  • MFG-1010 Information Sharing

Learning Path: CP-2008 - Quality - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 9.3 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 8 courses

  • QUA-1001 Introduction to Quality
  • QUA-1002 ISO 9000
  • QUA-1003 Standards Organizations
  • QUA-1004 Quality Organizations
  • QUA-1005 Basic Quality Roles and Responsibilities
  • QUA-1011 Introduction to SPC
  • QUA-1012 Probability and Variation
  • QUA-1013 The Control Chart

Learning Path: CP-2009 - Engineering Drawings - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 8.2 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 5 courses

  • DWG-1001 Introduction to Blueprints
  • DWG-1002 Engineering Drawing Terminology
  • DWG-1003 Engineering Drawing Views
  • DWG-1004 Engineering Drawing Lines
  • DWG-1005 Dimensions and Tolerances

Learning Path: CP-2010 - Measurement - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 5.4 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 4 courses

  • MEA-2001 Introduction to Precision Instruments
  • MEA-2002 Rules
  • MEA-2003 Calipers
  • MEA-2004 Micrometers

Learning Path: CP-2011 - Lean Manufacturing - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 5.8 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 7 courses

  • LEA-1002 The History of Lean Manufacturing
  • LEA-1003 Workplace Organization
  • LEA-1004 S1: Sort
  • LEA-1005 S2: Straighten
  • LEA-1006 S3: Shine
  • LEA-1007 S4: Standardize
  • LEA-1008 S5: Sustain

Learning Path: CP-2012 - CNC Machining - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 5.7 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 5 courses

  • CNC-1001 Introduction to Machining
  • CNC-1002 Machine Tools
  • CNC-1003 CNC Controllers
  • CNC-1004 Machining Personnel
  • CNC-1005 Facility Layout

Learning Path: CP-2013 - Automation - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 3.6 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 3 courses

  • AUT-1001 Introduction to Automation
  • AUT-1002 Automated Process
  • AUT-1003 Automated System

Learning Path: CP-2014 - Career Building - ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (Duration: 11.9 Hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following 13 courses

  • CAR-1001 Kicking Off Your Job Search
  • CAR-1002 Finding Jobs to Apply For
  • CAR-1003 Networking
  • CAR-1004 Completing an Employment Application
  • CAR-1005 Creating Your Resume
  • CAR-1006 Crafting a Cover Letter
  • CAR-1007 Understanding the Interview Process
  • CAR-1008 Making a Positive Impression
  • CAR-1009 Responding to Interview Questions
  • CAR-1010 Addressing Special Interview Concerns
  • CAR-1011 After the Interview
  • CAR-1012 Surviving Your First Day on the Job
  • CAR-1013 Turning a Job into a Career