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Big Data Basics is a collection of 2 Skills pathways, comprised of over 2 hours of online course instruction leading to jobs and careers in the field of Big Data, along with earning shareable digital badges indicating skills gained.

The two components of the course, Big Data fundamentals and Big Data interpretation, build skills in managing Big Data operations and considering the quality and security of these operations. The learner will study operations from the sales, legal and team/strategic planning perspectives.

This course stimulates the learner’s ability to manage Big Data from independent and team-based perspectives, building proficiency in Big Data operations.

Big Data Basics

Course Pathways
This product is comprised of the following course pathways:

Big Data Basics (Duration: 0.8 hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following courses:

  • Big Data Fundamentals
  • Big Data Interpretation

Big Data Operations (Duration: 1.5 hrs.)
Pathway Includes the following courses:

  • Managing Big Data Operations
  • Quality and Security of Big Data Operations